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The difference is not only direct contacts with suppliers, but also our system that guarantees our publishers to receive maximum transparency in terms of payments. You will not have to wait for the network to make money available, but the Sponsor will directly pay your commissions. Goodbye to double steps that involve LESS gains and MORE waiting times
One of a kind, after more than 8 months of processing we are pleased to be able to give our partners (because for us the publisher is a partner) the GAMIFICATION. The concept is to earn, in addition to the money generated by the sale of products, precious points that enrich a healthy competition made up of prizes always present and not linked to momentary Contest. Since you will be our Partner you will be part of this gamification that will constantly show prizes to be won.
Our platform gives traders maximum transparency, offering the possibility of increasing revenue thanks to the experience of our partners. Unlike the classic affiliation network, our staff constantly selects only quality affiliates, forbidding access to all those people who can damage the image of your product and your company. Only targeted advertising. AffiliationPark is against aggressive spam that only leads to the loss of our value and your work.

Our network is constantly growing. Before being a network we are publishers and we know all the needs of those, like you, who want to climb to get to payouts potentially never seen on the market.

How can I subscribe?
It's very simple! Click HERE to register, fill out all the fields correctly and check the email to verify your details. You will be contacted by a member of our staff to be able to join our affiliate program.
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We are the first affiliation network that skips the supply chain. No intermediary, payments directly from the distributors! We are the only truly transparent platform that will allow you to earn more. And then we reward you!

How does Gamification work?
magine being able to participate in a contest forever, imagine being part of this challenge that you will do with your colleagues and partners with yourself. Challenge and challenge yourself, earn points and win prizes!
I am a company and I want to advertise myself, how can I do it?
It's very simple. Click HERE and register with your details and you will be contacted by our staff. We will evaluate together what we can offer you and what you can offer with your products. Remember that you have no limits with us, you can try to push yourself to infinity with all the products you want.

Payment deadlines?
Being direct payments from our Merchants times are shortened. In 15 or 7 actual days, depending on the agreements made with our Merchants.
What do you offer?
Our mission is to offer a channel of exchange between Merchants and Affiliates. AffiliationPark is a network evolved and adapted to the needs of today's affiliates. Where others stop, we start.

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